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Annie, Headshot Project

Added on by Nathan C. Ward.

This is Annie and she is a competitive bartender, cocktail maker, and a little bit of an entertainer. She excels at her craft and has placed well in national cocktail competitions, a result of which is a trip to France to compete on the international cocktail scene. She required pictures of herself for the promotional side of what she loves to do, but she does not always love to be in front of the camera. We shot at multiple locations in Columbus: Seventh Son Brewing, Watershed Distillery, and Curio/Harvest. I'm very happy with the results of this shoot, and I wish Annie the best as she creates wonderfully memorable cocktails. 

Old Town East Trolley Barn

Added on by Nathan C. Ward.

The Trolley Barn in the Old Town East Neighborhood of Columbus, OH is actually a complex of multiple abandoned buildings awaiting redevelopment ( I hope it will be a brewery!), not just a single barn. It's a dominating feature of the area I live in and I often wonder about it's history and the people who worked there. That is what I wish to photograph! Instead you can look at the photos I took of it's present condition. A short history of the structures can be found here.