New Video Work

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This is already posted in the video section of my website, but thought it was worth mentioning here too.

Go check it out!

**Image is a screen grab from the video.

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Annie Williams-Pierce for Punch Magazine

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I’m lucky to live in Columbus and to have strong relationships with people who are talented in many different ways. Annie is a bar professional who is the first women to win the North American finale of the United States Bartenders Guild’s Most Imaginative Bartender competition and a person I see regularly around town. When she asked me if I would photograph her for a column in Punch called ‘Bartender in Residence” I was so excited. I spend a lot of my days taking pictures of food and drink but rarely showcase that aspect of my work…so I’m very thankful for this opportunity. Congrats Annie!

Find the Punch article here.

PS Annie and her husband Luke are opening a bar in Columbus called Lawbird.

On The Street

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Some of the best photographers that I actively follow always dish this level of advice: shoot everyday no matter what. This is sound thinking…work on your craft, look for things that interest you. But the city I live in does not have the vibrancy of the type where this advice would make sense. Columbus is mundane and lacks a strong walking/biking culture….the streets often feel empty here. A camera around your neck starts to feel like a heavy stone when it isn’t getting used.

Today was the first time in many months I saw a random person on the street and ran to them with my camera. It was a good feeling. I’m not moving, but I sometimes yearn for the places where photographic scenes are waiting around every turn.