Hana InAField

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Started a new video project a few days ago with Hana…took a few still images to put on this blog!

Portrait of John Waters

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I really resist feeding into the out of control celebrity culture in our country…I do my best to not know who is currently famous and why. But I jumped at the chance to get a snap of John Waters at the opening of his art exhibit at the Wexner Center for the Arts. I have been amazed and repulsed by his films, loved his book about hitchhiking across the country, and actually dressed up as him for Halloween once….which I got to tell him!!

It’s just a picture taken in one of the galleries at the museum, but it means a lot.

Too Legit To Quilt

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Too Legit To Quilt is Dre McLeod, a designer who utilizes repurposed clothing as a canvas for her awesome handmade designs…I was lucky enough to work with her and a great team on this shoot. Things turned out pretty wild, lots of different light looks, but the clothing and styling were perfect imo. I’m really looking forward to another collaboration with Dre and Whitney in 2019. Jackets by Dre McLeod. Styling and accessories by Whitney Moore. Models: Sunny and Emily Lebsock.